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Putting Lab Design

Introducing PLD precision-milled putters.

Milled for precision, custom built to perfection to fit your game, just like tour pros’ putters. Put more than 60 years of engineering excellence in your hands. You’ll putt better, score lower and smile more.

A custom putter experience like no other.

You design it. We build it.

Together we craft a one-of-a-kind milled putter custom fit and custom built to your game. There’s no limit to what we’ll create, so think big. You can experience it virtually, or in person. It starts with the most thorough putter fitting in golf and ends with a putter customized only for you. Even our tour players will be envious.

Cavity view of a PLD Custom putter
PING Master Fitter fitting a golfer in the PLD Lab

Experience the art and science of putter fitting.

It starts with a custom fitting and ends with a putter fully customized to your precise specifications. Whether virtual or in person, you’ll consult with a master fitter who works with our tour pros, using the proven technology they rely on to gain valuable insights into their putting strokes. We’ll analyze your putter-fitting data to recommend a head design that best matches your stroke and personal preference.

Played by the best. Customized for you.

Reserve a PLD Custom Putter Experience and you’ll enjoy the same personalized treatment as our tour professionals. Working with a PING Master Fitter, you’ll design a one-of-a-kind, precision-milled putter crafted and customized just for you. There’s no experience in golf like it.

PING pro viktor Hovland

Explore the PLD putter lineup.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Whether it’s crafting your own custom design, relying on the proven performance of a PLD Milled model or adding to your valuable collection, it’s your chance to play what the pros play and own a piece of PING history.

PLD Custom DS72 putter
PLD Custom

You design. We build. Together we craft a one-of-a-kind milled putter custom fit and custom built to your game.

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PLD Limited Anser Patent 55 putter
PLD Limited

You can own a PGA Tour player’s putter, built exactly to his specs. Or help celebrate our history with a putter that changed the game.

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PLD Milled Prime Tyne 4 putter
PLD Milled

Tour-validated models milled to perfection using premium materials and offered exclusively through retailers committed to selling premium, custom-fit putters.

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