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Rare and collectible putters.

You can putt with them. Collect them. Or both. Whatever you decide, you’ll need to act fast if you want to be part of this exclusive club. It’s your chance to own a PGA Tour player’s putter, built exactly to his specs. Or help celebrate our history with a putter that changed the game. There’s no limit to what putter we might offer, but quantities will be very limited, so you’ll need to stay in touch. We’ll do the same.

"Hovi" Signature Teaser

“Hovi” Signature PLD Limited DS72

Among the impressive statistics that defined Viktor Hovland’s remarkable playoff run to the FedExCup title was his success on the greens with his PLD Custom DS72 putter. In addition to holing numerous long-range putts when they mattered most, he was a perfect 50 for 50 on putts inside of five feet at the Tour Championship where he dominated with a five-shot win. At the BMW Championship a week prior, his tournament-winning final-round 61 included a back-nine 28 highlighted by seven birdies. For the season, Hovi won three times on the PGA Tour and captured the admiration of fans for his confident play and charming smile.

To honor his tremendous season, we’re offering 100 PLD Limited DS72 putters ($990) precision milled at PING’s Phoenix, Arizona headquarters by the company’s master machinists. Each putter is serialized and built to the exact shape, specs and weight of Viktor’s putter, right down to the red Winn 15” “Long Pistol” grip. We’re even engraving “Hovi” on the sole to add to its intrigue and appeal. You can collect it or play it (which we highly recommend if you want to make more putts). A Hovi-inspired custom putter cover was designed exclusively for this limited offering. It’s emblazoned with a Viking graphic as a nod to Viktor’s Norwegian heritage and several other icons, each symbolic of his life and interests. There are 17 total, so you can enjoy identifying them and connecting them to Viktor and his world.
Hovi Signature PLD Limited DS72

Coming 10/10/2023

“Hovi” Signature


Release Date: October 10, 2023 at 2:00pm ET

Before the DS72 got its name, it was simply known as the “Hovi” during the prototyping process. That’s because its design was primarily inspired by Viktor Hovland’s insights and feedback, working closely with our principal putter engineer, Tony Serrano. The shape, sight lines and “cool” patina finish were met with immediate acceptance from Viktor, who put the prototype in the bag three years ago and has never looked back -- earning all eight of his global wins with it. Two years ago, the DS72 model officially joined the PING putter family, bringing the proven mid-mallet design to all golfers, thanks in large part to Viktor’s influence.

Putter Specs
  • 100% milled, 1018 carbon steel

  • “Hovi” engraved on sole

  • Patina finish

  • 36” length

  • 360-gram head weight

  • Milled, shallow grooves

  • Top-rail and cavity-floor sight lines

  • Winn 15” “Long Pistol” grip (Red)

  • All sales are final. No returns or exceptions.

1998 PING Slam Poster

Celebrating The PING Slam

Of all the history-making achievements that define PING’s success in putters, none ranks higher than what occurred 35 years ago in 1988, the year PING putters were used to win the Grand Slam of Golf. It had never happened before, and it hasn’t happened since for any putter brand. Adding to the incredible feat was it was done with four different PING putter models.

To celebrate the remarkable accomplishment, we’re introducing the PLD Limited “PING Slam” Series, commemorating each major victory with a precision-milled, serialized version of the winning model. Each will be available during their respective weeks of this year’s four major championships. Only 88 of each model will be offered through At the end of the year, we’ll offer 35 sets of all four models, complete with a display rack.

PLD Limited Putter Collection

Coming 12/5/23

The PING Slam Collection

Set of 4 and Display

Release Date: December 5, 2023 at 2:00pm ET

The only way to ensure you’ll collect all four PLD Limited PING Slam putters is to purchase the entire set when they’re released on December 5, 2023. Only 35 sets will be available and you’ll also receive a custom display rack for your home or office. Save the date!


face view of PLD Limited Anser Putter

Sold Out

1988 Open Championship
face view of PLD Limited Zing 2 Putter

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Zing 2
1988 U.S. Open
face view of PLD Limited Pal 2 Putter

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Pal 2
1988 PGA Championship
face view of PLD Limited Pal Putter

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1988 Masters
face view of Gold Anser Patent 55 putter

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Anser Patent 55
Stainless Steel, Gold-Plated Finish
face view of Cooper Anser Patent 55 putter

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Anser Patent 55
Copper, Natural Finish
face view of Steel Anser Patent 55 putter

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Anser Patent 55
Stainless Steel, Natural Finish
face view of Bronze Anser Patent 55 Putter

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Anser Patent 55
Bronze, Natural Finish