Representative PLD Custom putter
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Representative PLD Limited putter
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Representative PLD Milled putter
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Ready to get your PLD Custom putter?

Start by scheduling a fitting

Person using a laptop computer to schedule a fitting

PLD Custom - Virtual Fitting

Connect with a PING Master Fitter for a personalized putter-fitting experience lasting approximately one hour. During the on-line session, you’ll determine your fitting specifications and design your one-of-a-kind putter. Your master fitter, who works with PING staff pros from around the world, will present a variety of custom options to ensure you create the putter of your dreams.

Golfer working with a Master Fitter

PLD Custom – PING Putting Lab Fitting

Your fitting takes place in the PING Putting Lab at world headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. You’ll be custom fit and create your putter with the same PING Master Fitters who work with the top PING pros in the world. During your visit, you’ll tour the famous PING Gold Putter Vault and meet the team from PING Wrx, the group that will bring your PLD custom putter to life.